Heroic Woman Saves Pit Bull Being Beaten To Death

Brianne Smith is being praised as hero after she saves Pit Bull being beaten to death

Brianne was at work when she heard a bunch of commotion coming from outside. When she went to investigate she shockingly found a man savagely beating a pit bull to the point where the helpless dog was covered in blood.

Brianne rushed over to stop the man and attempted to take the dog away from the attacker, however he refused to relinquish the dog. When she threatened to call police, he took off with the dog.

“I was very, very, very high emotion after seeing him kick the dog, and his head got slammed in the door of a car… I freaked out,” she told Fox 2.


Hours later the dog came back to the same spot where the abuse took place, but this time he was without the owner/attacker. The guy either decided to give the dog up, or the dog must have managed to escape on his own; but either way the dog was no longer in the attackers custody.

“I grabbed some food, and brought him back all the way to this gate, and I wrapped him up in a couple blankets I had in my car from my dog, and I just waited for the rescue to come help him”, said Brianne

While undergoing surgery, a bullet was discovered to be lodged in the dog’s nose.  He was named Diesel as a testament to the tremendous amount of strength this dog has showed in the face of true hardship.

Brianne hopes to adopt him and provide the loving home that he deserves. She would need to be screened, and as she has one dog already, they would have to meet to make sure they can get along.


A man named Elliot Ness has come forward claiming that he is the real owner of Diesel whose name is actually Blue. He says that Blue and his other dog Cookie were stolen from him and that he didn’t know what happened to them until seeing the news. He says that he had gone to several shelters looking for the two dogs with no luck. Apparently cookie has still not been located

Let’s all pray that Cookie is safe and will be returned home soon.

Watch The Full Video Below -Heroic Woman Saves Pit Bull Being Beaten To Death:


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