Stop Wasting Your Foundation With This New Makeup Tool

This new makeup tool is the secret to never wasting money on beauty products again!

Tired of losing half of your makeup or foundation to your makeup sponge?  As you know, when you apply foundation to your makeup brush or sponge, a large portion gets absorbed into the tool; which is an absolute waste of money.

Molly Cosmetics has solved this issue with their new product called the SiliSponge. The SiliSponge is a silicone makeup applicator that ‘doesn’t soak in a thing’. According to Molly Cosmetics, ‘The foundation needed is literally just half the amount compared to directly using a brush or sponge’.

This $9 silicone based applicator, which looks very similar to a push-up bra insert, easily blends makeup into your skin with its smooth surface. The applicator is ideal for makeup artists, because it’s easy to clean, the surface makes it easy to sterilize, and can be dried and ready for reuse within minutes.

Since the SiliSponge has been released it’s been sold out a number of times, but you can preorder now to reserve one for yourself. With the money you can save on foundation and brushes, I think it’s definitely worth giving this a try.

Watch Just How This New Makeup Tool Works – SiliSponge:




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