LOL! Watch This Pregnant Mom Dance Before Giving Birth

This mother is a true inspiration! She may just win the award for the best pregnant mom dance – she’s got some good moves!

In most cases the mood in a delivery room is not this fun. I know expectant mothers are supposed to relax but this woman takes things to a new level.

While most expectant mothers would be either trying to relax or begging the nurse for epidural, this inspirational mom-to-be shows off her impressive dance moves. She appears to be having so much fun dancing that it’s hard to believe this woman is expecting a baby. You can hear the kids in the background laughing as she gives them a dance performance they’ll never forget.

Check out her moves: Watch the full video at the bottom of the page.

She starts off with the classic 1 finger wave:


Then she drops it low:


The the two hand shuffle!


Next she drops it low again with a twist!



I’ve heard many delivery room horror stories, so it’s nice to see someone having fun and joking around on such a special day.  We can all hope to be this calm, relaxed and funny during this usually high stressful time.

Check it out for yourself, watch this Pregnant Mom Dance In The Delivery Room:

Watch the complete video on YouTube

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