Bizzare Talent! Pakistani Boy Can Pop Eyes Out Of Socket

A 14-year-old Pakistani boy has become an internet sensation due to his unusual talent for popping his eyeballs out of their sockets.

Ahmed Ali is able to pop his eyes beyond the sockets by over 10 mm.

“Last year, I was doing something and I touched my eye and the eyeball popped out. I thought I had damaged my eye or something but realized it did not cause any harm to my eye,” Ali said.

His ophthalmologist had initially suggested he stop popping his eyes out of the socket, but Ali didn’t listen. His talent is so unusual he plans to go after the Guinness Record.

“I have never visited an ophthalmologist for my vision. God has given me this talent so I am sure he would take care of my eyes too. Only when I do the eye stunts for long, my eyes become a little watery but otherwise I have no problems in popping my eyes out,” Ali explains.

Ali is popular in school because of his unique ability, however many children are also scared of him.

“Many younger kids in school run away when they see me. They are scared of my eye popping. Even the girls in school get scared. They think that my eyes will fall out into my hands or something.”

The Guinness Record for popping eyeballs out of their socket belongs to Kim Goodman from the US.

“My eye popping is way better than the American woman who owns the record and I can break her record anytime,” said Ali

Check out Ali’s amazing talent below:

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