Mother Taken Off Life Support Wakes Up When Husband Tells Her To Fight

Losing someone you love is extremely difficult, but it can be worse when you have to be the one to make the final decision.

Steven Pellettiere-Swapp came home one day to find his 45-year-old mother, Lyndee, unconscious, so he immediately called the ambulance. Unfortunately, his mother fell into a coma for 12 days and didn’t show any signs of recovering. She was completely unresponsive. At that point doctors felt they had done everything they could do, and recommended the family take her off life support.

Faced with the hard decision the family decided to follow the doctor’s recommendation, as Lyndee was an organ donor. This way they could honor her wishes and preserve her organs for donation.

The entire family was at her bedside as they said their final goodbyes. Despite the fact that he was about to watch his wife die, her husband still maintained hope that she would wake up.

While being taken off life support Lyndee’s husband whispered to her, “I need you to fight, I need you to fight.”

Those few words from her husband were all that Lyndee needed to hear. Miraculously, Lyndee woke up out of her coma and replied “I’m a fighter.”

Despite all medical predictions, Lyndee was out of her coma and responding, not even realizing what was happening

Lyndee recounts being able to hear her family while they were speaking at her bedside, but she wasn’t able to respond.

According to Lyndee, she tried desperately to speak.

“In my head it was very clear what I was saying, but it wasn’t to them. I was finally able to get out ‘I’m a fighter,’ which is what my husband was whispering in my ear. [He said] ‘I need to you to fight.'”

It goes to show that sometimes the touching words from our loved ones can make miracles happen.

The experience has made her family take nothing for granted.

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