Watch A Human Flying Drone Lift A Snowboarder Off A Mountain

Popular YouTube star Casey Neistat has created the first giant sized, custom made human flying drone that’s capable of lifting and carrying around a full grown person.

With help from Samsung (Sponsors) along with his friend Jesse Wellens from the popular YouTube channel PrankvsPrank, Neistat created this amazing drone over the course of a year.

“No one in the world sells a drone that can lift a human being, so we built our own,” says Neistat, which is pretty much the only reason we built this insane contraption.

The drone itself is absolutely enormous! It was created with sixteen 31”carbon fiber high-powered rotors. The 16 rotors are powered by 16 independent motors. The total diameter of the drone is a whopping 10 feet and weighs around 165 pounds. Its massive size makes sense given the weight it needs to be able to carry. At 100% full throttle this beast of a machine has 1050 pounds of thrust

Dressed as Santa Claus, and riding a snowboard, Neistat flies over a ski village while holding onto the massive drone. The amazing machine pulls him up and down the slopes, lifting him over 25 feet into the air.

Watching Neistat snowboard up the ski slope, while other snowboarders race down is absolute amazing. But the highlight of the video is seeing him fly through the air attached to nothing but the drone.  Watch the stunning footage below.

First Human Flying Drone:

The Setup:

In the video below, Neistat explains a bit more about the drone, and goes in-depth on some of the specifications, and what it took to setup. This is some real cool stuff, check it out!

Behind The Scenes:

In the video below, Neistat gives us a behind the scenes look at the drone and some of the setup. check it out!

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