GoFundMe Donors Raise $50,000 To Keep 108 Year Old Woman In Her Nursing Home

108 year old woman raises the money to say in her assisted living home

Thanks to the generosity of several donors and a GoFundMe page set up by her daughter, Susan Hatfield, Carrie Lou Rausch gets to stay at in her assisted living home for at least another year.

Carrie Lou Rausch, 108, has been in an assisted living home for about three years. Unfortunately her funds to continue to pay for the facility were running very low.

Since her home in Columbus, Ohio, doesn’t accept Medicaid, Rausch would have to leave the facility unless she was able to come up with some more money. Thanks to a GoFundMe page Rausch can stay in the facility for one more year; much to her family’s relief.

Her daughter Hatfield, set up the GoFundMe page three months ago, with a goal of $40,000. That amount would cover one year of room and board at the facility. Generous well-wishers from all over the United States raised nearly $50,000 which was $10,000 above the original goal.

With all of the donations, Rausch can now continue to live in the home for at least one more year. Her family said the unused funds will be donated to St. John’s Lutheran Church, where Rausch is a lifelong member.

“My mom has always said the Lord will take care of her,” Hatfield told PEOPLE prior to meeting the fundraising goal. “I just hope the Lord isn’t above working through GoFundMe.

Once the goal of $40,000 was reached Hatfield wrote, “What an amazing testament to the existence of basic human kindness in a time when it sometimes seems in short supply.  We thank you all so very much.”

A few people on the GoFundMe page asked why Rausch doesn’t live with her daughter, but Hatfield explained that friends and activities at the facility make her mother happy and keep her strong. “They provide more for her there — more safety — than I could provide for her here (at home),” she said

She said her mother’s trust in God has never wavered even in the toughest of times.

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