Four Year Old Saves Her Mom’s Life – Gets An Award For Her Bravery

A heroic four year old saves her mom’s life by calling the emergency services after her mother collapsed and stopped breathing. This special little youngster has received an award for her bravery

Four year old, Suzie McCash called the ambulance after her mother Rowena McCash suffered a repertory problem following an allergic reaction.

Although Rowena had injected herself with an EpiPen twice, she still stopped breathing due to the allergic reaction. When she collapsed, her daughter Suzie took action, by calling the paramedics.

Suzie told the paramedics, “Mummy hasn’t answered yet, I don’t know why, but she hasn’t answered yet.” She continued, “She’s just sitting on the sofa doing nothing.”

Suzie was able to clearly communicate with the dispatcher to advise them of her mother’s health issues. She even managed to open the door to call for the neighbors who unfortunately were not home.

Rowena has been allergic to salicylates, which is found in several things such as oranges, almonds and honey. She found out about her allergies when she was in her teens.

Rowena said: “I collapse and have breathing difficulties, it swells the airwaves and I lose consciousness. I have been in intensive care before so it is very serious, it is life-threatening”

“When I collapsed I was drifting in and out of consciousness and I must have told Suzie to call 999. I don’t remember what happened next but she was amazing. She spoke to the call handler who said she was very calm and told him everything he needed to know.”

Suzie even got her mother’s purse and found her EpiPen, and opened the door when the ambulance came.

“I am so proud of her, she saved my life,” said Rowena.

“I had stopped breathing by the time the ambulance and police arrived so I would dread to think what might have happened if Suzie hadn’t rang 999.”

This brave four year old is truly a hero. She did everything needed to save her mother’s life!

That is why the police decided to give this special little girl an award for her bravery; and she definitely deserves it!

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