Female Motorcycle Gang Delivers Breast Milk To Babies In Need

This all female motorcycle gang delivers breast milk to babies in need; and quickly

To a baby born premature, a donation of breast milk can be lifesaving. Babies in serious need of breast milk are getting it delivered by the Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club; a badass biker club out of New York.

The New York Milk Bank is a non-profit organization that provides breast milk to premature infants and any other children in need of milk.

Executive Director of New York Milk Bank Julie Bouchet-Horwitz tells the New York Post; “We have a product. Our product is human milk. So what we do is, women who have too much milk, we screen them, test their blood, pasteurize it, and then distribute it,”

Distributing the milk proved to be difficult for the organization. The milk has to be delivered in a short amount of time which is hard to accomplish with the huge amount of traffic on the busy streets of New York

Julie Bouchet-Horwitz, the New York Milk Bank’s executive director said, “I always see these motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic while we’re stuck, and I thought, what if milk has to get to a hospital right away?” she said. “Maybe we should use a motorcycle rider to bring the milk in and out of Manhattan.”

This is how the Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club came into play. As soon as they were contacted they happily agreed.


“We are uniquely positioned to do the job,” says one member.

“It was pretty unanimous that we wanted to help out,” says another.

Not only is this badass group of women delivering breast milk to babies in need, they’re delivering a message to many girls and inspiring them.

A Sirens member said, “The Sirens represents strong women, period.”

Another said, “Little girls, when they see us on the road, they light up. Like ‘wow, we can ride motorcycles like that.’”

Jen Baquial, president of the motorcycle group, told the New York Post that she started the group for “any woman” to join because most motorbike groups don’t allow women to join.

The club does annual benefit rides, raising nearly $2,400 to help keep the milk bank open this year alone.

These ladies provide a valuable service by helping babies in need, and showing younger females that woman can do anything; even ride motorcycles like a badass.


Check Out The Motorcycle Gangs Story:

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