Doctors Told This Boy He’d Never Walk Again. He Proved Them Wrong!

A young boy from Williamsport PA is inspiring people all across the internet. Doctors told 8 year old Giovanni he’d never walk again, but he is proving them wrong!

Giovanni suffers from a disorder called Schwartz-Jampel, a rare type of dwarfism that occurs when the same abnormal gene is passed from each parent. Symptoms of the genetic disorder vary from case to case, but the disease restricts bones from growing normally and muscles from developing properly.

Schwarz-Jampel can be very painful as it causes muscle weakness and stiffness, abnormal bone development and permanent bending or extension of certain joints in a fixed position. Individuals who suffer from this disorder may also have small, fixed facial features and abnormalities of the eyes which may cause impaired vision. The range and severity of symptoms may vary from person to person.

Currently, there is no cure but there are medications that can help relax the muscles. There are also surgeries to help individuals who suffer from the disorder.

Giovanni was diagnosed with Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome at the age of two years old. He has undergone eight surgeries to date

After his last surgery, doctors told Giovanni that he’d never walk, but he has managed to prove them wrong!

Giovanni’s parents are documenting his progress and sharing it with the world with a Facebook page dedicated to their son.

“Giovanni is the sweetest, kindest, and funniest little boy you could ever meet,” his parents wrote.

“He loves to sing, dance, paint, colour, play video games, and tell jokes.

“His best friends are his kitty cat Zooey and his Scottish Terrier, Lolli Bear.

“Giovanni refuses to allow SJS to define him and wants to show the world there is so much more to him than a wheelchair.”

We wish Giovanni and his family all the best. We are rooting for him to get better and continue to inspire others

It’s inspiring to see the will of this young man in the face of adversity.

Doctors Said He Would Never Walk Again… They Were Wrong!


Check Out Giovanni’s Youtube Page

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