Amazing DIY Color Changing Nail Polish Tutorial

DIY Color Changing Nail Polish Tutorial:

If you’re anything like me, you love to try new things to spice up your nails. Today we have an awesome DIY Color Changing Nail Polish tutorial by our friends at CutePolish. In this tutorial Minnie shows us how we can create our very own custom DIY Color Changing Nail Polish at home! Try this awesome nail trick and let me know what you think. Also don’t forget to check out CutePolish and subscribe to their channel; they have a lot of awesome videos!

1. First You’ll Need Color Changing Pigment


If you don’t have color changing pigment simply Google it and you’ll find a bunch of suppliers


2. Pour The Pigment Into An Empty Polish Bottle



3. Add Nail Polish Lacquer Base To The Pigment


If you don’t have lacquer base you can add the pigment to clear nail polish


4. Shake The Bottle Until The Lacquer Base & Pigment Fully Mix



5. Apply The Color Changing Polish Over White Nail Polish



6. Test The Color By Dipping Your Hand In Cold Or Warm Water



Click Below To Watch The Full Video:







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