Dishwasher Cooking: Cook Your Dinner & Clean Your Dishes At The Same Time

Yes, you read the title right! Dishwasher cooking is the new phenomenon. People are cooking their food and washing their dirty dishes at the same time. I’m all for efficiency but I’ve never thought to cook an entire meal in the dishwasher while cleaning leftovers of my dinner plates.

It sounds gross, soapy and very unhealthy, but if done correctly, apparently you can prepare some delicious meals in the dishwasher while cleaning your plates and utensils, at the same time. All you need is an airtight canning jar, a dishwasher, and a few ingenious recipes.

Since the food is in an airtight jar, the soap, grime and water are not a factor at all. But do dishwashers get hot enough to cook food?

Most dishwashers wash at temperatures between 125–160°F depending on the stage of the dishwashing cycle. During high heat drying the temperature usually fluctuates anywhere between 140–160°F.

Cooking in an airtight container inside your dishwasher is inspired by both poaching and sous vide cooking. Poaching happens at a relatively low temperature of 160–180°F over a short period of time, and sous-vide cooking happens at around 130–140°F for a longer period of time.

Italian food writer Lisa Casali has been experimenting with dishwasher cooking for a few years now. As a result she’s created a cookbook called Cucinare in Lavastoviglie (Cooking with the dishwasher) which gives complete recipes for a wide array of dishes, like couscous, veal, tuna and even fruits and desserts.

Dishwasher cooking is best for foods that need to be cooked at low temperatures, Casali says. “After some experiments, I found that it wasn’t just a different way to cook. It was a really particular technique,” she says. “Something I was looking for years: the way to cook at low temperature at home.”

This type of cooking has become more popular lately as there have been several dishwasher cooking tutorial videos popping up on YouTube recently.  Check out this video that PopSugar Food did on dishwasher cooking.

Dishwasher Cooking:

Is this the cooking method of the future? Would you cook food in your dishwasher? Comment below and let me know what you think.

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