Hero! Boy Saves His Twin Brother Trapped Under Fallen Dresser

A 2 year old boy from Utah is being praised as a hero after surveillance video captures him saving his twin brothers life who was trapped under a fallen dresser.

The video shows toddlers Brock and Bowdy Shoff playing in their room. It shows the twin boys climbing on a large dresser and as a result, it suddenly tips over, pinning Brock to the ground.  Bowdy, noticing his brother is trapped, tries pushing and pulling the dresser to free his brother. Little Bowdy is unsuccessful at first but he doesn’t give up; somehow the toddler summons enough strength to push the dresser enough to free his brother.


The boys’ mother, Kayli Shoff, says she didn’t hear the dresser falling and only saw what happened after watching the video.

Both toddlers were left unscathed, their mother Kayli Shoff told TIME. “I think it’s a complete miracle, honestly. It comes down on his head really hard,” she said. “Not even a little scratch or a bruise. We were lucky.”

The boy’s mother, Kayli Shoff is shocked at the situation, and admits the surveillance video is hard to watch.

“It’s really hard to watch,” she said. “I just kind of felt ashamed and embarrassed as a parent. I could have prevented this.” The children’s dresser was not anchored to the wall.

Shoff said she didn’t know how dangerous having and unsecured dresser could be.

The boy’s parents decided to post the video on social media to highlight the importance of properly securing furniture to avoid this type of situation

“I’ve been a little hesitant to post this. But I feel it’s not only to bring awareness, but it is also incredible,” the twins’ father, Ricky Shoff, wrote on Facebook.

Let this situation be a lesion to all of us to properly child-proof our homes. This situation could have ended up in severe tragedy. Thank goodness Bowdy was able to summon enough courage and strength to save his brother.

Boy Saves His Twin Brother:

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