Baby Girl Gives Peace Sign During Her Ultrasound

Expectant mother Ana Craft will never forget the moment when her unborn child sent her a special message during an ultrasound picture.

During her 20-week ultrasound, Houston, Texas-based blogger Ana Craft got the most adorable greeting from her baby girl.

While taking an ultrasound the technician noticed a tiny hand appear on the screen. Then the baby slowly moved her little fingers into what appeared to be a peace sign. Craft, and her husband Brian plan to name the baby Karis Olivia. Karis must have flashed a peace sign to let the soon-to-be parents know everything will be ok.

“It was all smiles around the room as the ultrasound technician called in all the nurses and staff to view the photo,” said Craft “As a parent, you pray for a healthy baby. With Karis Olivia, we may also be getting quite the personality.”

What a special moment for these soon-to-be parents. It’s a special moment that they can remember for years to come. They even have the pictures to show Karis when she gets older.

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