7 Beauty Mistakes You Seriously Need To Avoid

I’m sure by now, you’ve found a good skin care/beauty regiment that works for you, but you’d be surprised to find out that some of the things you’re doing might be causing some more harm than good. Here are some beauty mistakes that you may be doing that you should absolutely avoid.

7 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid:


Not cleaning your makeup brushes.


An important part of your beauty routine is regularly cleaning your makeup brushes. Doing this a minimum of once of month helps prevent acne, ensure your brushes stay soft, allows for better color application, helps avoid getting germs on your face, and saves money as your brushes will last longer.

Testing your foundation on the back of your hand.


Most peoples hand is not the same complexion as their face as it usually is not subject to the same amount of sun exposure. That being said, matching your foundation to the back of your hand is the wrong thing to do in most cases. You should always match your foundation on your face for best results.

Falling asleep in your makeup.


We all know it’s not good to fall asleep wearing makeup because it could cause your skin to breakout; but that’s not the only (major) reason. Falling asleep with makeup on can make you look older before your time, thus requiring you to use more makeup to get the same youthful appearance.

Wearing waterproof mascara every day.


Waterproof mascara is great if you’re going swimming, or in a situation that may cause your mascara to run, but it should not be worn every day! Waterproof mascara formulas cause your lashes to dry and tend to make your lashes a bit hard. Using this type of mascara on a daily basis can lead to extremely dry lashes that can fall out overtime especially during the cleaning process as waterproof mascaras are hard to remove.

Not using a base coat.


Most diy manicures never last more than a few days without a chip or scratch because most of us skip using a base coat. Using a base coat creates a barrier that helps protect your nails from damage, prevents your nails from staining and peeling, and gives your nails a more even appearance.

Curling your lashes with mascara on.


Please stop doing this!!! Curling your lashes with mascara on can cause the curler to stick to the mascara on your lashes and pull them out.

Doing your makeup in the wrong lighting.


Have you ever noticed your reflection in a store window and realized your makeup didn’t look as good as you thought? This usually happens when you put your makeup on in the wrong type of lighting. You should always aim to put your makeup on in a well-lit environment or in the type of lighting that is most similar to your destination. If you’re spending your time outside on a sunny day, then it’s not a good idea to put your makeup on in a darkly lit room.


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